Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ellie on the way out to the ranch singing her current favorite song, "Go Tell it on the Mountain"

(Please forgive me, carseat gurus, I'm usually very particular about her chest clip being in the right spot! Oh, and MC is in her new "Cowmooflage" booster seat!)

Mary Clare performing "Rain"

Thanks to Celeste, for posting your son's poem because now MC is motivated!

and "Happy Thought"

And the girls dressed as angels playing "Nativity" with baby Jesus (aka SJ)


Roxanna said...

hahaha! cool videos!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Steven Joseph!
Blair, love the girls' quotes. Also, I thought we were the last ones to get our tree down but maybe you tied with us ;)We had to have a few extra days since we were in the hospital ya know!

Blair said...

Haha...yep our tree is still up!
Happy one month to Abby too!

Lillian said...

Great job Mary Clare!!! Your poems sound wonderful!! And I loved Ellie's singing!!

So, Blair, can you give me the scoop on Ellie's booster seat??

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