Friday, January 11, 2008


I got a chance to change the pumpkin banner :) And now you get to look at my 3 sweeties!

TGIF! We've spent the afternoon relaxing at my parents' house (i.e. I watch TV and nurse baby, mom and aunt watch the girls). Can't wait to spend the weekend with Steven! We plan to take down the Christmas decor :( and maybe do some more furniture hunting...We're getting close to being able to buy a sofa set for our living room. Don't even ask me how excited I am about this! I think the only item of furniture in our home that was bought new is our mattress!

And a few highlights from the week...

Mary Clare:

~I walk into the backyard a few nights ago and ask why her shirt is all wet. "Oh, I just spilled beer all over it." (Steven had asked her to move a beer bottle)

~In the OB office waiting room with my mom the other day while I was in my appointment. She is talking to a man and his baby. He asks if she goes to school. "Yeah, well I homeschool", she responds. A few minutes later he asks if she goes to daycare. "I just told you...I homeschool!", she says. (we need to work on appropriate tone and respect for adults!)

~Said man from above leaves the office with his wife and baby. Mary Clare turns to my mom and asks, "WELL...Was she pregnant, or not?!?"


~Colored with brown crayon all over the fridge. Colored with brown crayon all over the pantry door. Neither of which have been cleaned off.

~I find her chasing Mary Clare with a plastic knife and jar of peanut butter. She was covered head to toe in peanut butter, MC had it all over her shirt. I keep finding handprints of peanut butter all over the house. Just found handprint of chocolate all over the white curtains in our master bedroom.

~Her latest entertainment relies on finding out how long it will take me to chase her down and dress or diaper her. Needless to say, she spent much of the week wearing dirty clothes and dirty diapers! AHHHH, 2 year-olds!!!

Well, the pizza has arrived. Better go fill my belly :)
Maybe I'll write some about the AP debate going on here a little later. Or maybe not.


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Em said...
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tomt said...

You guy's are awesome! Beautiful Family, God Bless.

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