Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Grandmother's House (well, nursing home) We Go!

On Saturday the girls and I took a day trip with my parents and aunt (meeting other aunts and uncles along the way) to visit my grandmother. It was a long day, about 8 hours in the car, but wonderful to spend some time with the oldest member of our family. Here are some pictures, especially for my family waiting to see them...

My parents with the girls at lunch

Aunts and uncles

My mom and her siblings

Mom and Nana

Ellie having fun wearing my shoes around the nursing home

Ellie in Nana's lap

Mary Clare enjoying a candy cane with Uncle Ron

Four generations!

(And as a funny side note, my mom bribed Mary Clare to take this picture by offering a lollipop tomorrow. Mary Clare woke up this morning (tomorrow), went straight to the phone, called my mom, and asked what time she would be picking her up so she could go get her lollipop!)

And finally, a vido of how much fun we had at the nursing home. The Hokey Pokey had everyone laughing! The nurses were even wheeling other nursing home residents down the hall to watch our silly family!
(This video is long, a few seconds tells the story but I couldn't figure out how to cut it! Sorry to all the non-family members.)


Alice Gunther said...

How happy your grandmother must have been to see you and those beautiful girls!

I love the four generations photo in particular!

Jill said...

Yes, the four generations picture is great.
It's wonderful that you still have your grandmother with you and that you make an effort to see her.
My kids have to great-grandmothers still living and we think it is quite a special thing. Family is such a treasure.

Unknown said...

While Saturday is for partying to some, it's family time to you. And that includes visiting grandma at the nursing home. Glad to hear that you are still making time to see her. After all, she is a member of the family. I hope that you would continue the visits as long as your grandmother is there. Take care!

Demetrius Flenaugh @ HomeCare SugarLand

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