Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July Festivities

Happy Independence Day! We are very proud to be Americans! And my thoughts and prayers are with all those who help maintain our freedom, especially my brother Brice serving the US Navy overseas.

Mary Clare at the Patriotic Symphony on the 3rd

MC and Daddy at intermission

The girls watching the Symphony, it's getting dark!

Cousins watching the squirrels and birds in Grampatti and Bop-Bops' backyard today, a rainy 4th of July

Cousins playing and watching "Charlotte's Web"

And the firework finale in our area tonight (dry enough for the display)! Sorry you can see the reflections in the car windows...the girls aren't quite ready to watch from outside!

(Notice that MC realizes in the middle of the video that she missed seeing her triplet cousins today. They didn't get to take their first trip down the street because of the weather, hopefully soon! I'll leave you with an adorable recent picture of them, 7 months old...)


Alice Gunther said...

What wonderful photos!

Your little ones are adorable, and those triplets are too cute!

Jill said...

Wow! My kids have triplet cousins as well. Three boys that just turned three in June. Thanks for sharing that adorable photo. Reminds me of when my little nephews were that age.
Great photos. I'm not sure who the little girl is, but I LOVE that red, white, and blue patchwork dress she is wearing. Precious!
Love the photos and 4th of July memories.

Anonymous said...

We almost went to that concert, Blair! We chickened out because of the rain, but it has been our yearly tradition for Koshes, McAndrews, and Uhlenkotts for a long time.

I'm glad to see that ya'll enjoyed your holiday!

Karie Kosh

Blair said...

Aw, Karie...I thought about you guys the whole time b/c the only other time I went was with you guys right before Steven and I got married and he was on a trip w/ the youth group. I even had my eyes out for the Kosh crew ;) Maybe next time!

Blair said...

And Jill, glad to find you again! I kept checking in after Lent but figured you weren't coming back. My niece's dress was really cute :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blair - I am trying once again to post a comment - for some reason I have issues :)....great fun video of the fireworks! Can you film them every year and put them on your blog so I don't have to fight the mosquitos ;) ha ha. I was cracking up b/c I checked to see MC made it 41 seconds before she chimed in to talk - too funny!

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