Wednesday, July 25, 2007


-The Magic Eraser (or Wal-Mart's "Miracle" Eraser) cleans my vinyl kitchen floor! I've used a Magic Eraser in the past, but now I'm finding all sorts of things it will clean so much better than any sponge or scouring brush! Thanks to my friend Sarah for her advice on this!

-My house can hold 15 rowdy children ages 8 and under while the 5 moms have a 2 hr meeting about the preschool homeschool group, without anyone getting injured!

-A sheet made into a tent in the playroom makes for many hours of fun!

-Even girls need a train set!

-If your children play with kitchen toys and orange juice, your real sink will look like this (note cup stuck in disposal!)

-And a coffee table can make a nice altar for children to play Mass!


Lillian said...

How fun! Hearing about the meeting and seeing your home just made me "homesick"!! We need to visit soon! Glad the kids had fun and you were productive!

Jill said...

Cute! I love all of your discoveries!

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