Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend in photos

Some iPhone photos from the past few days...

Late night bath on Friday after a big spit up!

Saturday morning brought another trip to Houston to see a sick grandfather in the hospital, and so Steven could work here Monday. The kids enjoyed playing with cousins.

Loving the sunshine!

Cousin Andrew excited to hold the baby

And we were all happy to get to celebrate Aunt Pam's birthday together. 

Boy cousins and some neighbors watching "Frozen"

On Sunday morning we forgot that the church had relocated to the downtown chapel because of renovations. We were so late!

After mass, Tommy had a major spill with some syrup. One of our finer restaurant moments. 

Little boy in a big hospital while some of us made a visit 

This morning with his sister. "I'm so glad we have a baby in our family! I always wanted a new baby! I'm going to protect her from bad kids. I'm going to protect her from bad monsters. I'm going to drive helicopters and four wheelers when I grow up."

Hanging out in the garage apartment today while Daddy worked in Houston and the car got some repairs. 


and NeNe came to see us, feed us, hold the baby, and help pass the time (love the deer by her head!). 

When their uncle got home he said the kids could come in and play the Wii.

Exciting stuff for these kiddos!

And a selfie of the big sis :)

Tomorrow will bring about another road trip home, so very grateful for a grandfather who will also be going home from the hospital. We should be back very soon for a wedding and too see cousins visiting from California. We've got some funny coughing going on tonight so I'm praying for healthy kids and safe travels. 

We're also praying for and thankful for friends' new babies..."Godbrother" Pio born last week, Isla last week, Isaac born today, and Nicoletta tonight! May God bless each of these new little ones and their families. 

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