Thursday, March 06, 2014

Goodbye, Kind Cabin

We ended up leaving a few days earlier than planned. Steven was able to drive up last night so that we could follow each other home this morning. I am so very happy to be in my own bed tonight. I am so very happy to see the kids enjoying their rooms, their bikes, and each other as they've been playing well together without any major incidents today.  And I'm so very happy to be able to bring our sweet two week old baby home to her real house!

My back stopped hurting yesterday, but I'm still trying to concentrate on my posture because tend to hunch while nursing and holding the baby. I handled the drive pretty well, as did little Katie. We stopped three times for changing and feeding, and other than that there was only a brief time where she was fussing a little bit. The girls and I enjoyed singing along with some YouTube favorites like Lennon and Maisy and Frozen during the drive, and I was happy to get a favorite treat, a waffle cone of Blue Bell Cookies and Cream ice cream, at our pit stop!

A generous friend here has set up a schedule for some meal deliveries during the next couple weeks, which will be nice. I'm really worn out from some long days this past week. I know I've done way too much cleaning and carrying, but now that we're home I can relax a little more and just enjoy this sweet angel baby!

I hope to share some of the photos from the good camera over the next few days. Maybe I'll even write out her birth story before I forget it!

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