Monday, March 31, 2014

Bluebonnets 2014

Just down the road from our house, a church planted a whole field of bluebonnets!  The perfect place for a little springtime photo shoot.  Steven was able to help, we went at 6:30pm when the sun wasn't so bright, and we brought along some fruit snacks as rewards!

This was my favorite of all the kids, even though they are all looking different directions. It's quite hard to get all 5 kids looking and smiling!

Here were some other fairly good attempts...

Mary Clare, age 11

Ellie is almost nine!

Steven at age 6.  He was woken from a nap for this photo shoot and wasn't the most cooperative.  He and a couple others also have colds, so walking through the wildflowers seemed to make them all have coughing attacks!

3yr old Thomas, on the other hand, was a willing participant on that evening. 


 And little Katie stopped crying just long enough to get a few pictures of our 5.5 week old beauty!  

Overall, I'd call it a success!  Hope you all have a flowerful, colorful week!

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