Sunday, March 09, 2014

On her due date

It's hard to believe that today was the due date of our sweet baby girl. She's already been with us 2 1/2 weeks and is such a part of me. It's easy to forget these precious newborn days just spent staring at her pretty face and admiring her miniature features! I'm almost finished typing out her birth story, and I also plan to share photos from her baptism and other nice camera pictures over the next few days. But for now, here are some phone snapshots from the weekend...

In the Moby wrap

Nap time with daddy!

Mary Clare must have taken this of herself and her sister. 

How much of my day is spent, with a baby attached. 

Calming down for the night...

I'm not quite ready for another Monday! I'm still relying on Steven's help around the house and with the kids. I was hoping to start back to school tomorrow but was encouraged by another mom after mass today to just "let it go" and soak in these baby days so I can remember them. 

I'm struggling with that balance of wanting to jump back into daily life with cleaning and cooking and schooling, and yet also realizing my body is still recovering and it's going to be fine if we take a few more days off before getting back into our full load of schookwork. 

I think my goal this week will be to just reconnect with the kids. I've been pushing them away for so long, just needing quiet and rest. But in order to have a more positive next few months of the school year, my attitude needs to change. I need to pray for them, discipline them, and encourage them. My boys need this most of all.  I need to move out of my room, out of myself, and put away my iPhone distractions. Can you pray for me that I can work on that this week? Thank you, friends. May it be a fruitful Lent for all of us!

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