Sunday, June 02, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I'll start with my cute little fashionistas!  Mary Clare is sporting a hand-me-down dress and wedges, both from her cousin.  White cardigan via Walmart.  Ellie's shirt is from Walmart but I found it at the children's resale store yesterday.  I'm not sure where I got her skirt, and her cute silver glitter shoes (Tom-style) are from Ross.

I bought this new shirt and earrings, both on clearance at Cato yesterday.

Skirt from my mom and shoes from Marshall's.

Had to include Our Lady!  Hoping to get some photos up soon from our May Crowning and Visitation Tea Party we hosted on Friday.

I did some shopping at Cato and Ross yesterday.  As the 90 degree weather has hit Texas, my summer wardrobe was seeming sparse.  None of my shorts fit and most of my capris are tight.  I'm having some big issues with gaining and losing every few months.  I start with a good exercise routine and eating more healthfully with smaller portions, and then quickly fall of the wagon after a few weeks.  I guess that's the nature of these days of mommyhood where our body is not really our own and we can easily put our own health on the back-burner.

And maybe that can be related to this Feast of Corpus Christi.  This is a day when we're especially reminded of the great gift of the Eucharist, where we are able to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord.  As mothers we can look to Christ, who sacrificed and gave up his own body on the Cross.  Many of us are going through years and years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and caring for young children.  Our bodies and our minds may often feel weak, but when we receive Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist we can be united to Him who knows all suffering and weakness and can help us persevere.

Hope you all have had a blessed Feast!  See more Sunday best at:
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For Mass behavior, we had a very easy Sunday.  The girls and I went to 10am and sang in the choir.
The boys were with Daddy because he had gone fishing and wasn't ready in time.   So he met us at church for brunch with the boys after our Mass, and then he went by himself to the 12:15.  So we were all A+ today!  And actually Tommy is doing better on most Sundays now that he's nearing age 3.  But I shouldn't be the grader because I'm actually in the choir most weeks and Steven deals with the boy behavior in the pews!  Daily Mass is another story and something I don't attempt often.  Baby steps...


Rosie said...

I love that top! I'm having a lot of trouble with my summer wardrobe too - I finally went out and bought a pair of shorts because NONE of mine fit, but I just hate buying what I feel like are going to be disposable pieces because my weight fluctuates SO much... I should probably just stick to stretchy clothes exclusively!

Kristin Loboda said...

I'm new here and just had to tell you that I totally here you with just excepting ourselves as we are in this state of mommyhood. Thanks for the good reminder!

Love your top and your girls are adorable!

God bless your week!

Amelia Bentrup said...

I love those shoes!!

And, I totally hear ya on the difficulty of weight fluctuations and clothes...and the importance of just accepting where we are in mommyhood and our mommy bodies.

Pidg said...

Oh I love this look; the frayed ends of the skirt are awesome. My summer wardrobe consists of the same jeans and shirts just without the hoodie. Yah, I'm stylish like that ;)

Anonymous said...

You all look so lovely!

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