Thursday, June 06, 2013

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I enjoyed taking some shots the other day for a Facebook photography group.  The challenge was "bokeh," which from what I understand is the quality of the out-of-focus portions of a photo.  

I think you're supposed to try to get the light reflected into these circles.  Or something like that.  I still have a lot to learn...ISO, f-stop, etc!

But I like these pictures of random backyard flowers, and they make me happy!

and "Girls" for Theme Thursday
Also, making us happy is this pretty girl.  She is really growing up.  She is so creative and can be so very helpful around the house.  

As I said in my last post, she has now created her own little blog and would love for you to visit!  She had a post on Tuesday where she wants people to ask her questions.  Please go and visit and leave her a question if you have a few moments!

Here are some other fun "girly" photos:

Before Sunday Mass...

At an art festival with NeNe a few weeks ago

And some oldies that are my favs...

At the homeschooling conference last year. How has a year flown by already?

Summer 2010 with little cousin Addison in San Diego

 Summer 2008

Spring 2006

So grateful for these two girls and all the color and joy they bring into our life!

This boy.  Right now he's in my bathroom saying, "Mom, I didn't do that!"
I could tell him a fact about the sun being out and he'll say, "No, it's not."  There is no reasoning with this child right now.  Mr. Opinionated.  Now he's saying, "I'm gonna roll this up in just a minute!"  I think I know what he's gotten into! 
 The past week has been 100% crazy over here.  I'm not handling the lack of schoolwork and outside activities very well, nor are my little cherubs.  Not to help was the fact that Daddy was away for work two nights this week.  Last night, Tommy got himself this frozen waffle and ate it straight out of the freezer for dinner!  I used to wonder why the larger families I knew never dressed their toddlers.  Now I know.  This child spends most days in a diaper alone.  Why not?  Less laundry for me!


This will be my summer sanity saver.  I think we were there for three hours yesterday; I didn't care how overpriced that membership was.  Today I'm already claiming schoolwork and chores will "win" them a trip to the pool.  Sounds good!


Colleen said...

I would kill for access to a pool for my kids all summer. We have the beach but it's so messy!! I know I shouldn't complain!

Rebekah Es said...

That's almost sad to see them change so much! I am too sentimental. They always have great fashion, I must say!! I am going to show my oldest girl her blog and ask a question, so cool.

Margo said...

I thought bokeh was blurred lights in the background (like Christmas tree lights), but I'm a very novice photographer :)
Your flower photos are quite pretty.

Rosie said...

Your girls are so pretty! And I love taking random backyard flower photos, too.

Amelia Bentrup said...

Jealous of your pool access! I love pools and would love access to one all summer.

Your girls are so beautiful!

Mary said...

I'm glad you found a sanity saver, that's worth any price!
I love the sweet bluebonnet picture.
Beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls!! And I like the flower photos, even if I have no idea what bokeh is. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls!! And I like the flower photos, even if I have no idea what bokeh is. :-)

Lindsey Wilson said...

Beautiful, Blair! I wish you were still local. I have a homeschool friend who has asked me to take a few photos of her son for graduation, but I just don't feel up to the task, and I wish I could recommend you!

Bokeh does refer to the blurred circles creating a pleasant design to surround or back up your object/image in focus. It's achieved through a low F-stop, which means the focal length is very short (like if you were focusing your eyes on something very close and everything else is blurred out). A deep or long focal length would bring into focus objects that are both near, and far, and in between, and you'd have no blurriness in the photo. You can get lots of bokeh on macro and super-macro shots, but controlling how the bokeh appears is beyond my skill set.

I learned my little bits of photography on a manual film camera, so I sort of transfer that understanding to digital, but I know almost nothing of digital photography other than tweaking around on the camera until I think it looks good in the viewfinder.

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