Sunday, June 02, 2013

Best Beach Trip

The best beach trip last weekend was spent with our friends Jackie and Kiernan visiting from back home.  I say "best" because their kids had never been to the beach, except the oldest when he was a toddler, so it was such a precious experience for me to watch their joy and excitement jumping in the waves and playing in the sand :)

Also, I'll share that Kiernan has a wonderful blog called Old Soldiers.  He is a great writer and I think many of you would enjoy what he has to say.  I especially love his recent posts following his father's passing. 

This is my favorite series of photos.  Steven had caught some small bait fish in his net and was feeding them to the seagulls.

Look how I caught both girls jumping in the air!

Here's how our set-up works with the tent next to the car.  Down here in Texas we can drive on the beach, which Steven much prefers so we don't have to haul loads of stuff from the car down to the sand!

Watermelon was the hit of the evening.  We thought we'd just stay an hour or two and then head home for dinner.  That never happens at the beach!  We got home to eat at 9pm!

My gorgeous friend Jackie with her littlest, Agnes.

Poor baby...We had too much fun taking pictures of her in the buff on the beach!

Tommy hadn't been interested in the water until I suggested jumping over the waves.

The daddies had water duty. 

It was still quite cool and windy for the wet kids once the sun stopped shining!

But they kept busy building sand castles.  Working hard!

Catherine and Mary Margaret have these beautiful curls that I cannot get enough of!

I liked these two of Ellie in black and white.

But this one with her bright blue eyes makes me happy!

Steven always gets in a bit of fishing.

The big girls with their masterpiece!

Gotta stomp the sandcastles before leaving!

And there was a gorgeous sunset to bid us adieu on the way home!

And I just realized that I took no photos of their oldest son, except the one under the tent!  Patrick spent nearly the entire time in the water.  Hope they come back to the beach again soon!  Thanks so much for joining us for a glorious weekend, O family!


Jill said...

Great photos, Blair! I love the last one with the sunset and the cars.
And those seagulls made for some really cool photos!!
I am truly envious of the beach photo ops. I need to come visit you. :)

Unknown said...

Oh great photos! i miss those beaches! Our favorite beach (because it was always so empty) was Mustang Island. (I think it was access road 3).

Your family is beautiful.

Mary said...

Beautiful pictures! So fun to recognize faces. Looks like y'all had a great visit.

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