Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Monday Motivation, Summer Goals

Top row, L-R: Motorcycle man on his bike, Tommy on his trike, Tommy with his truck, Ronald McDonald House service night with 4-H, boys and trains
2nd row: cute girl watching cutegirlhairstyles.com, Tommy beach boy, first big beach day 2013 Rockport, busy boy Steven, the O family and firepit fun
3rd row: Kateri's bday after mass, Mustang Island beach day, "beach bum", art after friends left, and a tired boy eating pancakes
4th row: oops that same pic again (too lazy to change it), Mommy and Tommy, brave mama letting kids curl and comb my hair, late night at HEB wishing I could shop by candlelight and classical music, and a restful day on the couch.
5th row: new headbandz game, Visitation Tea Party, May crowning crown and pillow made by MC, boys doing an art book after the tea party, and Tommy getting spoiled by Mommy while siblings and Daddy were fishing (first sno-cone of the year!)

Oh and I realized this was the photo that was supposed to go where the doubled MC drawing picture is in the collage.  I'd have to start over to add it.  But I love this...the boys playing in the helicopter cockpit made by MC :)

Manic Monday.  What a day.  I started writing this in the morning and am now finally finishing it while hoping the kids go to sleep.  Please, kids.  Steven came home for a big lunch of ribs, chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob before heading off to their other office hours away.  I should have just called it a day then and there.  Potty training was a bust.  We had about 4 accidents.  Once we hit a messy one, I decided it was back to the "monkey diapers" (Luvs).  My iPhoto and browser kept crashing all afternoon.  I lost my temper in a major way around 10 times and got a phone call from Steven in the midst of the craziness letting me know that our house near Houston that we're renting out needs a new AC.  I responded, "And you thought this was a good time to tell me that???"  I think maybe he had 2nd thoughts about telling me that information. Normally he keeps info about the Houston house to himself :)  Actually it's not as bad as it sounds, we're blessed that something like a broken AC isn't a game-changer in our life right now.  So blessed.

After offering to take the kids to the park multiple times I finally realized at about 6:30pm that we needed to get out of the house right that minute, if we didn't want someone to get badly hurt or emotionally scarred by the wrestling, biting, throwing things, and mommy's temper.  Tommy insisted on riding the running-bike to the park, which meant that I was pushing the running-bike up the hills and through the mud.  Everyone was doing alright at the park when I got an important phone call about the homeschooling co-op program that I needed to take.  I can't believe I was able to actually talk on the phone without much interruption!  Beware of calling me at home; you will then know why I prefer to email or text if we want to have a coherent conversation.  There were only about 2 scary park incidents where I thought Steven was going to fall and break his arm and I'd have to take all 4 kids to the ER tonight, and another where a teenage girl nearly trampled Tommy who was climbing up the slide.

We walked/biked back home and I convinced them to pick-up messes for about 10 minutes and then we were off to the fried chicken joint.  This was a night that called for Pete's Chicken and More!  After scarfing down two meals for the 5 of us, I sent them all to the bath and shower and was determined to finish the above collage which had gotten erased by someone earlier.  They were getting loud in my bathroom, so I went in and found the boys had been throwing water at Ellie in the shower, getting it all over the floor and ceiling.  A few more yells, and now everyone except Tommy has gone up to bed, scared of the wrath of crazy Mommy tonight.  This is a time when I wish I actually enjoyed a glass of wine!

Tomorrow can only improve, right?  Any ideas for us?  Was planning to go and get a membership at a nearby pool, but I'm not sure we're ready to take that (pricey) leap yet.  I probably need a summer "bucket list" that does not include Netflix, sibling arguments, Facebook, or blogging.  Or we just need to start school again very soon...

I do have some things floating in my head so I'll write out a little list of some goals for the near future...

1. Finish reading/skimming the 2 books that need to go back to the library this weekend.
2. Stay on top of housework/laundry as we start having guests come over the next few weeks.
3. Discernment about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and training.
4. Planning for the CCM co-op for next year!  Decide this week which cycle we will use.
5. Planning for trip to homeschool conference.
6. Make a front door wreath with supplies already bought.
7. Start making a checklist for summer schoolwork and reading.
8. Join a local pool and figure out an exercise plan for the summer.
9. Potty train Thomas
10. Write out plans for next year of homeschooling.

Summer Goals for each child:
Mary Clare-read a chapter book each week, continue with AAS, Grammar book, and complete Prima Latina, started learning some guitar today
Ellie-continue with AAS and readers, complete her Map Skills book, work on two of her difficult issues right now (finger-sucking and bedroom cleanliness), summer piano lessons
Steven-continue with AAR and math, keep him active and make a list of outdoor activities for the boys when they're rowdy
Tommy-outdoor activities, potty training, letters and sounds
Mommy-getting to bed by 11pm, exercise, eat better, pray

And so it's now 12:30 and I'd better hit "post" or I'm going to keep rambling on and on and on.  This day needs to end, now!  Hope you all have a lovely first week of June!


Rebekah Es said...

Stealing your idea for summer goals! Both for the kids, myself and the family as a whole.

I always feel like the "bad mom" when I'm on the phone at the park. But really, would they rather sit at home while I'm on the phone or at the park?

Melissa D. said...

Oh Friend! I hope today was better than yesterday . . . you KNOW i've been there. :)

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