Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Motivation

Hardly had room to fit all my Insta-Pics from the past couple weeks.  Here goes:
Top row L-R: Fun times at the new pool we joined, Tommy's first time taking the running bike to the part, Tommy and his meal of choice frozen waffles straight outta the freezer, library day, mama at sunset.
2nd row: Tommy and the shark at the library, me and the girls at the Quarry in SA, Gift shop at St. Mary's in SA, with friends on the Riverwalk, and at the Alamo!
3rd row: He was determined to fit all the strawberries in the bowl, SJ and his new math book started Sunday night when we came home from the conference, flowers in the front yard (anyone know what they are called?), kite at the park, and like father like son after the grandparents arrived.
4th row: all the kids in the bed one morning, at the Hooks game with Grampatti and BopBop, friends from Houston came for a playdate while in town, Tommy poured himself a plate of syrup, and Tommy so proud that he can write a T and an O!

I think I've turned a corner with the computer, since I figured out how to empty the trash!  Yay!  My photos will load and Firefox is working again.  We have been busy busy with our guests and dance classes.  We very much enjoyed my in-laws' visit over the weekend, celebrating both Father's Day and their 51st Anniversary! 

With all the activity, we're having a better time at home since we have a change of scenery usually once a day.  My lists of chores and schoolwork are helping to keep the kids motivated, we even finally got around to our spelling and reading program yesterday!  We've been to the pool a few times each week, and are looking forward to my parents' visit this week.

I didn't get around to Monday Motivation, so how about some Wednesday motivation today?

From a couple weeks ago:
1. Finish reading/skimming the 2 books that need to go back to the library this weekend.
2. Stay on top of housework/laundry as we start having guests come over the next few weeks.
3. Discernment about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and training.
4. Planning for the CCM co-op for next year!  Decide this week which cycle we will use.
5. Planning for trip to homeschool conference.
6. Make a front door wreath with supplies already bought.
7. Start making a checklist for summer schoolwork and reading.
8. Join a local pool and figure out an exercise plan for the summer.

9. Potty train Thomas
10. Write out plans for next year of homeschooling.

For the next couple weeks:
1. Budget on
2. Continued planning for CCM co-op (meet with another mom and determine day/time for co-op)
3. Register for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training
4. Continue with summer checklists, especially reading for MC
5. Ballet class bi-weekly
6. Find another exercise 2x week
7. Track all food intake on My Fitness Pal.
8. Healthy eating and better food budgeting.

I'm loving the ballet class, but man my body doesn't do those moves very well anymore.  It's a new motivation to get healthy and lose enough weight to be able to dance better and fit in my clothes again!  We'll see how it goes.  Off to the pool....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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