Saturday, June 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Wow, the week is nearly over!  After nearly 2 months of having pretty much no outside activities, we've moved into busy-mode.  It's been good, but I am wiped out!

1. iMac is struggling.  I hope the computer doesn't crash while I'm typing this.  I haven't blogged much, partly because the computer is really struggling.  I just realized I have 33,000 photos on it.  Steven says I have to start deleting and we definitely need to save them all on a hard drive ASAP.  The Firefox browser isn't working, I don't have my bookmarks, and iPhoto won't even load videos anymore.  It is time to do something before the computer really crashes!  It keeps warning me that the start-up disk is nearly full...whatever that means.

2. Ballerinas!  Oh man, I am so so so happy that we have switched to a new ballet school.  Our ballet situation has been one of the saddest parts about moving.  The other place here in town was just not what I had in mind, but I stuck with it for awhile because I didn't think this option was going to be any better.  But it's so much better.  After one lesson, the teacher and director could tell that Ellie didn't belong in the 6-8 year-old class and I didn't even have to be the pushy mom!  So the girls are in the same ballet class and are also trying out a Theatre Arts class.  The whole environment is so much more professional, disciplined, friendly, and fun.  The girls and I love dance so much that I know this change will help our overall attitudes a lot.  So happy.

3. Mamaballerina!  Another fantastic part about the ballet school is that they have an adult class!  I went ahead and registered myself for the 2 evening classes each week.  There are about 18 of us, ranging from talented college-aged girls to beginner-grandmas, but we're all challenged, everyone is encouraging, and we have a blast!  It was so funny to go to the dance supply store to buy ballet shoes for myself!  I've been wearing them around the house like a little girl :-)  I think it's going to be so good for me to use these muscles again.  I wish the summer session was longer than a month.  I bet I'll be getting into the groove right when it ends, but it'll be nice to have a month of good workouts!

4. We had some visitors from our old area come for an overnight stay this week before their beach vacation.  They have 3 precious kiddos and we met them when our oldest girls were on the swim team together.  We really enjoy having visitors and getting to share our home and our local attractions with our old friends.  We went to the Botanical Gardens with these friends, and although it was scorching hot, we still enjoyed the visit and getting to see some wildlife and flora.  We had a great time, V family!

5. I made a wreath.  I got the flowers at the dollar store, and I'm not sure if it looks too much like a rainbow clown wig.  But at least it's colorful and is better than no wreath at all.  Maybe?  Well, hopefully it will give a happy greeting to our next set of visitors.  Steven's parents arrive tomorrow to stay for the weekend, celebrating both their anniversary and Father's Day.  Then later in the week, my parents should be coming for my dad's water board convention.  Both sets of grandparents in one week will be such a blessing!  Hope everyone stays well this time!  (The last time both sets of grandparents were coming to visit was when Ellie got the stomach virus on their ballet performance weekend and everyone had to cancel.)

6. Cheesecake Sopapilla Bars.  These are a favorite dessert around here.  I combined a few recipes I found online, but pretty much it's crescent rolls rolled out flat on the top and bottom, cream cheese mixed with sugar in the middle, and a melted stick of butter with cinnamon and sugar poured over the top.  Went great with our fajita dinner when our friends were here, and MC and I just finished off the last one today!  She took some photos while putting it together, so maybe she'll do a little recipe tutorial on her blog next week.

7. Garage light.  The photo challenge for my Facebook photography group was garage light.  I am still trying to figure out the settings on the camera, but these were two of my favorites that weren't totally out of focus!  The dark garage makes for an interesting natural light background.  Except Ellie was in the background of this first one...

Well, I guess that's a wrap!  I tried to load the photos from my iPhone of my new ballet shoes and a group shot at the Botanical Gardens, but of course the temperamental computer isn't going to handle that right now.  Better rest up for some more fun days!  We're also in recovery mode after a full crazy day today, including an incident with Mary Clare's finger and a stapler, and a big goodbye party for our pastor tonight.  It's fun to be busy again, but I need to get more sleep so I don't end up with headaches every evening!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and all the dads a great Father's Day!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wreath, Blair!

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