Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Motivation

Top Row L-R: Tommy with Bonnie Bunny, MC and one of her cute new outfits from her cousin, T in the tub, crazy kids at HEB.
2nd row: Tommy at the park, baby R napping at our house, brother J and SJ having fun, Tommy self portrait.
3rd row: SJ doing math, and then the haircut progression on Saturday.  Can you believe I chopped it myself?  Sad, sad day.
4th row: MC can mow the lawn, SJ hit his first homerun at their last game, visiting the grave of friend Avery after attending a funeral there, and Ellie's piano recital.

I'm going to be easy on myself the next few weeks.  We've finished up school and will be getting ready for all our summer guests!  My main goals these next couple weeks are clothes organization and fall activity discernment, along with lots of reading for/with the kids.  I'm looking at two co-op options as well as being trained as a teacher for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Montessori faith formation program.  The training for CGS is intense (8 long days in July), starting a co-op is hard, and teaching at a co-op can be a big commitment too.  I need some Holy Spirit guidance in what to do!

So I'll probably skip a few weeks of my goals list.  I know I need to do the weekly bills and budgeting, prayer, and bed-making, and laundry is a major important goal this week!  But now all of our activities are over so we have a lot of free time to just relax!  Yay!

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Rebekah Es said...

I can't believe your crazy weekend! I agree, breathe a sigh or relief and let yourself catch up. I have heard so much wonderful stuff about CGS, I know the Holy Spirit will lead you to the right place, though.

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