Tuesday, May 07, 2013

a long weekend, recounted with a lotta photos!

On Thursday afternoon we drove to Houston since Steven had a work event.  After a nice afternoon and dinner with NeNe and PaPa, we drove out to our friends' farm in the country.  We had a lovely weekend!

Their oldest son had a baseball tournament on Saturday morning, so we went to cheer him on.  His little brothers weren't very interested in the game, but loved their water bucket with a tiny turtle inside!

Thomas saw a train and kept yelling and pointing, but no one else seemed interested except Mommy!  He loves trains right now, especially Thomas the Tank Engine now that he's realized they share a name :)

After the game, the girls and I met my parents at Market Street in The Woodlands, where an art fair was taking place.  We enjoyed walking around, browsing the stores, and I even got an early Mother's Day present from my parents at Sur La Table, a nice ceramic bowl with a lid :)

On Saturday evening, there happened to be a May Crowning for our old homeschool group out at a farm near the one where we were staying.  This is the farm where we always have the All Saints' Day Party each year, and the girls have really missed that.  So I figured we'd take advantage of the May Crowning to visit the farm and see a few friends!

She had some fun crafts for the children to do...make a picture for Mary, make a flower for Mary, build a Marian Grotto, decorate a cupcake, and make a Marian necklace.  We prayed the Rosary and crowned Mary while singing some nice hymns.

Then we had some time to just visit, relax, and play!

It's so peaceful to spend time out in the country like this!  Isn't it gorgeous?

We went back to Little Way Farm to find Enrique had started harvesting the honey!  The kids got in on the action too!

Little Miriam is just precious!  Their first daughter after 4 boys :)

Ellie dressed up for Sunday Mass.

Tommy looked like quite the little man with his Gap khakis and belt.  But this kid's tummy is so big that all his non-elastic pants are so tight!

My girls got in some good baby time!  Unlike Tommy, little Miriam is as light as a butterfly, and she'll let anyone hold her.  Such a doll and so fun to spend a long weekend with our dear friends.

Thanks to the G family for having us!  It was a full weekend, but a fun one, and we look forward to sharing more fun adventures with friends and family as we get these special opportunities to visit now that we're living a few hours away.

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Rebekah Es said...

That place is just gorgeous! It surely looks like they ate living out a storybook dream. Lucky you get to visit and benefit from time and friendship there.

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