Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Got some more Easter photos from my parents' camera.  My pretty kiddos!

My pretty girl with my pretty mom!

The bubble gun Thomas got for Easter was a HUGE hit.  The 3 youngest are constantly fighting over it.

We ran out of bubbles, so today I looked up a homemade bubble recipe.  Thomas was thrilled and walked around saying "buh-buh."  It was getting hot outside, so he was carrying it around the house and "cleaning" all the floors!  Thanks T-Bone!

I took the 3 youngest to the grocery store yesterday while Mary Clare was at ballet class.  I let them pick out a treat from the Easter clearance stuff.  SJ picked this bunny rabbit that you wind up and then he "poops" a jellybean out his backside!  We were laughing so hard!  The face on the bunny says it all!

Real confession...I never thought I'd put my toddler in front of a computer screen.  But these "Curious Buddies" shows are a favorite of all my kids.  Thanks to the Easter Bunny for this new one.  We all love the Buddies...great songs and fun videos!  I just hope I didn't scandalize our piano teacher when she left our house today and likely saw the baby sitting like this.  The 4yr old also fell asleep in this computer chair watching an ocean video today!  You do what you gotta do!


Neen said...

Very cute pictures!

texasmcvays said...

Ha!Ha! to the Bunny!

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