Monday, April 23, 2012

Air Show at Naval Base

On Saturday, April 14th we went to an Air Show at a nearby Naval Base.  We nearly didn't make it after Thomas wasn't feeling so great and we almost got hit by a car on the way there.  I was worried that we weren't supposed to be there and was paranoid about a plane crashing the whole time we were there.  But we survived and so did the pilots, so it was a success!

This was some award-winning pilot who pretty much flipped his plane all over the sky.  It made me really, really nervous watching him.

Next came what we were all waiting for, the BLUE ANGELS!
Their tricks were also impressive and loud, but not quite as scary as the other guy.

Kids with Daddy in a helicopter

Getting autographs from one of the Blue Angel pilots!

Proud of their autographed pamphlets!


Jennifer said...

As a military spouse, I've been to quite a few air shows. I'm glad y'all went and had a good time. You really don't need to worry about crashes; the crash in Vegas last year was at an air race which is completely different from an air show. The flight demonstrations all take place away from the crowds, by professional pilots. My recommendations to make your next show more enjoyable: make sure everyone has ear plugs/muffs as the show can get quite loud; bring chairs to sit in; find one of the larger static display aircraft and set up a spot under a wing - you'll have shade you can follow all day

Jill said...

What fun. My kids would love it...
I'm going to email you about the Instagram stuff now...

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