Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Ann Marie!

My sweet 7 year-old!  I can't believe how big you are.  You kept commenting how you didn't feel different being 7 and how surprising it was to change ages while you were asleep (you were born at 4am) and wake up a new age!  I was so proud watching you open cards from the little girls and how you were so sweet asking them all about the pictures they drew for you.  You wanted to sit with them to paint.  You have always had to be a bit more patient and flexible than the others, and this continued today as we had to move the party inside (angry bees), "go with the flow" with party activities, and you've had to be patient waiting for your present from us.  Thank you for always being such a joyful and content child, Ellie.  You balance out those of us who aren't as happy-go-lucky.  I've been so blessed to be your Mommy these 7 years and I hope to spend many more joyful years with you!  

(more photos from the party coming, after I get through some lingering Easter and airshow pictures!)

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