Friday, April 27, 2012

Ellie's 7th Birthday

Finally, I've gotten all the photos loaded from Ellie's 7th Birthday, her Art Party and more!

Here's her cake which I blogged about earlier this week.

The food table

The big girls painting and collage-ing

Ellie painting (in her crown) with the littler girls

Steven painting a little wooden car

The little girls' pretty paintings!

Ready to sing!

I think everyone liked the cake and ice cream!

Mary Clare led them in a tour of the "museum" of paintings

Wonderful artists!

Some special gifts

She's so sweet with the little ones, asking about the picture that was drawn for her

Everyone was interested in whatever this was!

And the gift big sis picked out!

And it wouldn't be a "B" family birthday without stringing it along another night.  We went to On The Border to celebrate Ellie again!

They sang to her and brought her a brownie sundae!

Her gifts from Mommy and Daddy

The scuba set is a hit!

Happy Kiddos!

Happy Birthday, precious Ellie!  We hope you had a fabulous birthday week!

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