Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Only here in C.C. will you be stopped next to nuns in habit at the stoplight!  Awesome!

I'm on a Catholic Classical Homeschooling email loop, and this week there have been about 50 emails on the loop relating to Grammar and Latin curricula for the 6th grade.  It's making my head spin.  I've had a hard enough time with teaching Phonics.  How am I ever going to teach a child to diagram a sentence?  I'll definitely be looking into the virtual classes that Mother of Divine Grace offers.  And I like Latin.  I'm happy with the Seton English program.  It'll be okay.  No need to hyperventilate yet; we're just finishing 3rd grade.  Breathe in, breathe out.

Speaking of hyperventilating, Steven turned on the TV show "24" last night on Netflix.  I like action/drama movies, but they're what...2 hours long?  This season is TWENTY FOUR hours long?  And there are 8 seasons?  How am I going to keep from having a heart attack?  But now we've watched two episodes and I want to see what happens!

Mary Clare, Extraordinaire
So my sweet daughter somehow convinced me to let her start a blog yesterday.  She's thrilled!  She'd love for anyone to visit and leave a comment.  If any of your kids have blogs, let us know!  I think it will be a good opportunity to work on her writing skills.  We're debating whether or not I should edit her posts; I'm thinking it will be fun to look back at the spelling and grammar mistakes one day!  Here's her blog: A Day in the Life of

And here is some more "work" done by my little lady, that I found on my iPhone:
First we have an idea for a birthday cake for Ellie, done on the cake-making app on my phone.
 Next is her new idea at making covers and bows for pencils.  I love the backdrop, too!
 And finally we have a photo shoot with her brother and her doll.  She had him wearing a neck tie with all sorts of pictures throughout the house, some of just him and some with the baby doll.  I can't believe she convinced him to dress up and do this.  I wonder if there was bribery involved?

Back to homeschooling talk.  I came up with an idea a few years ago but never went through with it.  I was thinking of making a Catholic homeschooling blog where moms (or dads) write in with little reviews of different books/curricula.  That way, say someone is considering using Saxon Grammar in the 6th grade, you could look it up on the blog and find various reviews for that program.  I know there are some general homeschooling ones, but I'd enjoy to see the reviews from Catholic homeschooling families.  Would anyone else be interested in this?

While the girls were doing Classical Conversations with our friends this morning, the boys were playing outside, and I brought out a few of the Montessori boxes.  I need to make it a point to schedule some activities like this for Steven Joseph each day.  I just bought him some of the Golden Step Ahead workbooks and some Do-A-Dot markers and a workbook for those.  Gotta keep these boys busy, especially as the hot Texas summer approaches!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for hosting, Jen!  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I'll be making my first foray into fondant on Ellie's birthday cake.  Wish me luck!


jen said...

2: Write out some simple sentences and have them color the subject, verb, object, predicate, prepositional phrase etc. with colored pencils.

Also pleasepleaseplease teach how to conjugate verbs. Other languages are so much easier if you understand what 1st person singular and 2nd person plural (the "y'all" form) are.

Blair said...

Thanks, Jen! We're just finishing 3rd grade so I'm not going to worry about it yet :) And hopefully I'll find a thorough homeschooling program that gives the grammar instruction that I never got in school!

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Check out A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers. I never understood anything about sentence structure until my senior English class and this book (and I was an English major)! But between this book, and taking Latin (where word order has little importance), I finally got it. This would be a resource for you, but you can use it for your kids when they are in high school. And I LOVE the idea of a review blog. That would be fabulous!

Meghan said...

For what it's worth, from this English degree holder, using proper grammar and knowing "why" you use it are different. In my opinion, learning a foreign language is a great time for learning the "whys" of your own language.
Re: The nun! I love it. We had a friend who worked at OLOCC with SOLT and we had the best time hanging with the nuns.

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