Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday/Wednesday, not so much.

Well, I did feel like Supermom after making it through all those little successes Monday morning! But things went downhill yesterday and were even worse today. Nothing big, just the usual protests about schoolwork, house a total disaster, toddler refusing to nap, type of days. Yesterday the girls had ballet class, which is always an adventure...getting them dressed and ready, finding leotards, putting hair in buns, getting snacks, etc.

Today we were just home all day, but I resorted to bribing the girls to clean up and finish their schoolwork. They earned $1 for cleaning their brother's room...and later cleaned their room and the schoolroom after much prodding...but the playroom is still hurricane-territory and the schoolwork was barely completed. Tommy got a little fussy today too, but we made it through!

And I've even loaded my fuzzy iPhonePhotos!

First the big brother. Or the "big baseball player" as he prefers to be called.
He can ride his bike with training wheels. And he likes to serenade me with the American Girl doll guitar in the morning :)

Then there's the little angel. He sleeps so soundly in the SwaddleMe blanket and does really well in the swing. Gotta love that after-nursing drunk look with milk coming out of the mouth!

Here's how he sometimes rests on the Boppy pillow in my lap while I play on the computer.

And some shots from his first bath, I think it was on Sunday! He did okay until I washed his hair.

Now for today's BEFORE/AFTER photos to help me remember that we did accomplish something!

First the girls' room. The "after" photo is hard to see in the dark. We still need to clean off the top of their dresser.


boys' room (a few too many toys for the basket!), right now SJ's favorite toy is the big Luvs diaper box in front of the dresser...he puts on a lifejacket and holds a cardboard stick thing and pretends he's kayaking!


Now some of my living room projects...added some knickknacks on the piano and fixed up the mantle. Also got all the clothes baskets out of the living room!

Rearranged both bookshelves, and attempted to color-sort the books!

Tomorrow's project is finishing the entryway. I got this little lamp, table, large mirror, and mirror sconce things yesterday and am working on rearranging all the photos! Fun fun!

I think I've got an after-baby nesting instinct going on!


Mary said...

Oh, Blair! Tommy looks like a little angel! So, so sweet!

Kimberly said...

Tommy is so precious...I love the drunken milk look too. ;-)
And man, you are definitely on a postpartum nesting kick. Usually I do all my nesting before the baby.

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