Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the concrete won.

Steven tripped over my foot while running around on a restaurant patio on Saturday. We had 10 kids and 6 adults at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching the Aggie game. A little crazy!

As you can tell by the previous blog posts, I've entered a couple little contests on some design blogs. I've been on a roll, winning a few different giveaways recently, so who knows? It would be nice to have a gift card or some free paint for the decorating projects I have floating around in my head!

And of course some Thomas pictures for your enjoyment...

Daddy home from work, burping Tommy!

Mary Clare, the little mommy. She is so good with her brother!

sleeping after a morning of Monday errands!

my Aunt Kathy with Thomas and Ellie

sweet baby boy!

1 comment:

Kelley said...

Blair, I just can't get over how cute little Tommy is!! And your entire family, too, for that matter. What beautiful kiddos you have, both inside and out!

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