Monday, August 03, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window
The scorching summer heat of Texas. I plan to stay out of it until the evening comes.

I am listening to...
a Pandora plethora of Spanish music. I love Latin music, Latin dancing, and Mexican food! The kids are starting to love it too!

I am thinking...
about my sweet hubby and hoping he has a good day today.

I am thankful for...
our home, our happy kids, and our precious goddaughter-niece who turned 1.5 yesterday! We celebrated her half birthday since they live out of state. Here's sweet Addison enjoying her moment in the spotlight:

I am wearing...
workout clothes for the bike ride we never went on this morning! We've been taking long family bike rides almost daily since Ellie learned how to ride her bike a week ago. Maybe I'll work out this evening.

In the kitchen...
I need to get to the store today! We'll probably have spaghetti tonight if the meat defrosts in time! We just had some popcorn made on the stovetop, with a little bit of real butter...just how we like it!

Towards health and fitness...
We've been biking on nearby trails, and after watching a documentary about marathon runners on Hulu last week, Steven and I have decided we're going to train for a marathon! We've found a half marathon nearby in March; we might start with that, since our city's marathon is already full. Tomorrow's training starts with 3 mile runs. I haven't run 3 miles since college! Wish me luck!

Towards an ordered home...
I've kept the main living areas somewhat clean for a few days! I need to vacuum 2 rooms today and (as always) fold laundry. The girls put their own clothes away this morning; I'm so proud of them!

Towards a holy household...
We made it to daily mass last week for the first time in a long time! We sat in the cry room and the kids did pretty well, except for Steven Joseph who was screaming to escape a few times. We only made it for the 2nd half the steps, right? We'll plan to try that again this week and try to make the entire mass! I'd also like to get back to praying a daily decade of the Rosary with the kids at night.

Towards a real education...
I bought some books last week at the thrift store. I find the best nearly-new books there!

We've done a little bit of math the past few weeks, and a lot of reading! Mary Clare is starting to show a lot more interest in reading, so we've been trying to encourage that as much as possible. Ellie is also showing interest in reading and writing, although as I mentioned before, her perfectionist tendencies make the writing part a bit challenging. We've been playing Boggle a lot (another thrift store find, $1!), which appears to be helping with their spelling skills, and ours too!

Towards beauty...

The kids did some painting outside today. We're hoping to visit the art museum this week or next; it's free on Thursdays!

Mary Clare has also been creating a house for her mini American girl doll. She's doing an excellent job!

Plans for the week...
The summer I haven't been planning much. My plans seem to fall apart, so we're just taking it minute by minute!

A picture thought I am sharing...

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Colleen said...

You and your family live life so beautifully, Blair!

Lerin said...

That last photo is precious!

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