Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 months old!

Today, our precious Steven Joseph, you are 20 months old!

You are becoming quite the little toddler man! You are starting to communicate with us so much more and we are starting to understand what you are "saying." You have a lot of new words and a few hand motions too. Here I'll try to make a list:

Bye (and you wave)
Ah (for "all done/gone" and you shake your hands)
Aw, Ma! (for "oh, man!")
Da (dad)
Wah (water or any kind of liquid like milk, the pool, and even fish since they live in water!)
boo (poop or toot)
baoo (balloon, this is new today!)
buee (Mary Clare insists he said this about "Curious Buddies" today)
dah (dog)
uh (want)
aaa (apple)
choo choo (train or big truck)
buh (bug)
chee (chip, you just did that while I was writing this!)
you do the please sign language sign when asked

Right now you're watching Curious Buddies with your sisters. You really like those videos! The other day you kept grabbing my hand to take me over by the DVD player and put you on my lap to watch it! You can point to the body parts nose, mouth, eyes, ear, hair, tummy...usually :)

We got out the potty chair for our beach trip and you think it's pretty cool. Your sisters are trying to convince you to use it, but for now you just like to sit down and listen to them read and dote over you while you sit :)

You are very interested in books now. You love the little DK word books and want to sit in my lap and point to all the pictures. You are pretty good with a pencil and like to write on things around the house. You love the song Jellyman Kelly and it can usually calm you down if you are having a little fuss.

You LOVE to throw balls! And you've got a really good arm. Last night you threw a ball right at my friend's face. We are learning quickly to duck and watch out when you've got a ball or other small object in your hands! You also love playing with the hose and really enjoy the pool.

We've had such a fun but crazy summer with you! You continually keep me on my toes by climbing, getting into things, and eating things you're not supposed to! You still love nursing and are becoming a little picky with foods. For the most part, you like anything unhealthy (nuggets, fries, etc) plus apples and fresh fruit smoothies. You usually take one long afternoon nap and are doing better in the carseat.

Well, I could write all day about how cute my little Stevie Man is, but for now I'll just relish you in the flesh as you get closer to age 2 and slowly grow out of being my "baby" :(

I love you big boy!


Colleen said...

He's so precious, Blair! I really need to do a post like this before I forget all of Gustin's little words and actions that crack us up so much. They are just too cute at this age!

Melissa D. said...

I love this post and I love how cute SJ is. I particularly love him on the potty chair with his sisters. Maybe they will completely potty train him and you can just watch. :)

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