Thursday, August 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


On Thursday, I made green smoothies after reading about the green smoothie challenge here (h/t to Kelly). I watched her video and realized that her smoothie technique was similar to mine, aside from adding spinach leaves! I decided to attempt this experiment. I didn't add many leaves, but you could definitely taste a slight bit of "green."

I don't think I could drink them every day, but I think I could get used to the flavor fairly quickly. Steven and I were both a little weirded out by the color, Mary Clare tried a quick sip, but Ellie wouldn't try the smoothie at all. I put the leftovers in a plastic cup in the freezer.

Then...guess what Ellie had for dessert after dinner??? You guessed it--frozen green smoothie! She ate it with a spoon. It will probably be the most vegetable she's eaten in years! Steven Joseph loved it too!

So from the posts earlier this week, you may have gathered that we went to the beach over the weekend. We spent the morning at Galveston Beach and had a blast! I have to rave about the Water Babies sunscreen spray. We all wore it, were there for 4 hours with no shade, and NONE of us got burnt!

With all our gear (particularly the fishing gear), it makes the most sense to go where we can drive on the beach. In the evening it's great because the car makes a shaded area beside it with its shadow, but when you're there from 9am-1pm you don't get that luxury! It was fairly vacant and secluded until about noon, so that was nice. Oh how I love the waves, the water, and the wind!

Our little friend C who comes to play one day a week brought a fun plastic jumprope that attaches to the water hose and sprays water all around. The kids loved it! What a cool toy!

We're still doing our running training although we seem to be falling a bit behind our schedule with activities this week. I'm kind of losing my excitement...getting bored with running. And several times I've lost forgotten my iPod, which makes running even more difficult for me. I'd 10 times prefer to be in a Zumba class than on a treadmill, but I'm going to have to suck it up. Samba just doesn't work on my body the way jogging does.

Anyone else watching America's Got Talent? We've been watching it on Hulu and I have to say that I'm not all that impressed with the quarter-final contestants. So far I like the Voices of Glory, The Fab Five cloggers (who are cousins of a friend of mine!), and the Texas Tenors. I wasn't crazy about any of this week's performances. Who do you like so far?

I am so thrilled for Devin and Katie (and of course Leo and Tobias)! They are friends of ours who began the foster-adopt process about a year ago, welcomed these adorable boys into their home around December of last year (if I remember correctly), and just this week have finalized their adoption! And Katie is also pregnant. God is so good.

I will end with a few prayer requests. One for our little friend Hannah who is still in the hospital recovering from the surgery to remove her large cancerous tumor of the kidney. Then there is a friend nearby named Linda who has 2 children (ages 13 and 6) who just found out she has pancreatic cancer and was given about 6 months to live. Finally, my grandmother Doris turned 93 yesterday! She lives in a nursing home and I just pray that God grants her peace in the time she has left on earth. Please offer a little prayer for these 3 ladies, as they each face the unknown, one as a child, one in middle age, and one elderly. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Have a great weekend!


Rachel said...

Blair, I've been drinking green smoothies for over six months now. Stick with it! You get used to the taste very quickly and it is so good for you. I can add two huge handfuls or some kale to mine and it is still delicious to me. Now, the kids won't drink it very much. I can get them to drink a smoothie made from milk, frozen bananas, a little cocoa powder, a bit of honey and a ton of spinach. Josiah calls it a monster shake. :)

Lindsey said...

Cute new look at your blog. Sounds like y'all continue to have much fun!

That is the only kind of sunblock I buy these days. I tried a can of Aveeno spray and I hate it! It's very perfumey and also a fine mist that you can't help but inhale when applying.

Green theory, I know they're a great idea. i have not tried them. I just hate fooling with my blender, so we never make any kind of smoothie.

Kaycee said...

Just stopping by from Conversion Diary. Looking at your beach photos makes me a little jealous as we're somewhat landlocked.

Green smoothies sound like something I would love. My husband? Not so much.

Catherine said...

We all like green smoothies too, except William who can smell greens a mile a way! (If you add dark berries, it doesn't look green, so the other kids are fooled. :-)

Briana said...

You know Devin and Katie? I don't know them, but I was catching up on stories on Ave Maria Singles yesterday and I remember reading their story. I like to go through and read some of the stories every once in awhile and see who all has had babies. LOL

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