Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day of Firsts for Ellie

riding her bike without training wheels!

big sis showing her how

lil bro enjoying watching it all

then off to the pool...relaxing

happy girl

Video memories of the her biking, sliding, and diving today! Way to go, Ellie!


candyspirit said...

Way to go Ellie! 2 Bike riders in the family with no training wheels! How fun! That is the best freestyle from the iving board I have ever seen Ellie do! Good job! and both off the slides good for Mary Clare and Ellie! so Big! Happy Anniversary again!! 8 years!!!

Love, MOM

Neen said...

She looked so determined when swimming to the side. I love it. She really is going to be a leader personality, isn't she? Way to go. I love the videos of it all, good job mom.

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