Friday, July 24, 2009

I can't write an intelligible reflective entry right now,

but I can offer you a photo of the cute little princess tea party we hosted yesterday! They had so much fun! Last week I got confused on the date of a princess thing at the library, which devastated Ellie in particular, so the girls created their own idea for a tea party at our house. It's always hard to plan things like this with so many little homeschool friends; I always end up leaving someone out. I guess next time we'll just add another table and find some more chairs (I need to get that school table/chair info from you, Lillian) and tea sets. But it's really pretty easy to plan and they really enjoy it; I'll have to do it again soon!


Beverly said...

You are such an inspriational friend and wonderful mother. I'm sure when they are older your precious children will be even MORE grateful for your efforts to make their childhood so special.

Thank you for reminding me amidst the busy days to take time for beautiful touches.

ViolinMama said...

Hey Blair!!

Loved your entry today, and I have time to comment!! WOW!! lol

I was wondering, if you ever have time, can you post how you put this together, what you made...etc? My eldest is turning 6 in Sept and wants a tea party, and I'm so not creative, but LOVE the idea! I'd love any help!!

Thanks! Your pic is so CUTE!!!!!! Have a great day!

Blair said...

Violin Mama, I'll definitely try to write a post on that this week. Great idea!

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