Thursday, July 09, 2009

Small Successes

Decided to try the Small Success linky party today!


1. I've done some room clean-ups this week! Steven Joseph's "room" (he's never slept in there) is no longer a hoarding area for Ellie's toys. That took several days to do. The schoolroom is almost reorganized. I took out the bookshelf and moved it to the living room, since we almost always read stories in there anyway. I sorted through a whole basket of flashcards. They are sorted and put up on the hanging shoe wall thingy :) Slowly but surely!

Oh and you might notice the hanging clothes in the photo. Mary Clare has decided to continue the driveway sale today, including some clothing in the mix of toys and lemonade! We'll see how long she makes it in the heat today; yesterday it was about 15 minutes.

2. I did a few lessons with Mary Clare this week! I knew I wanted to take off in June, but have been wanting to start some schoolwork this month. She was more willing to work after being off for several weeks. My current homeschooling goals are lessons twice a week, daily reading practice, and for myself: to chose a new reading/phonics program and order a few other things for next year (Faith & Life, Math U See for Ellie, and maybe a few Classical Kids CDs).

3. Bills are paid. That is no small success.

Check out the other successes at Faith & Family Live!


Ruth said...

I love your #3. I posted the same thing :)

Neen said...

My bills are never all paid! Your girls must have had a VERY successful lemonaide stand.

mylittlepatchofsunshine said...

All wonderful successes! Especially #3!

Andrea said...

I love that "bills paid" feeling! Charlie gets paid once a month and I pay all the bills on pay day. It's such a freeing feeling!

Your learning room looks awesome! The idea of using a shoe organizer on the wall is really a great one. I use one in my bathroom on the back of the door for all my girlie stuff (so my wonderful DH doesn't have to deal with all my junk everywhere - otherwise he won't share a bathroom with me!). But I never thought of using one on the wall! I think I'll do that...
Where did you get your tables for that room? I have been searching Craig's List for 3 months now and can not find any...

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