Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Saturday Morning Date

took the kids to shipley's, the best donuts ever!
ellie chose pink of course

mary clare the big girl (she looks so old to me now with her haircut)

jojo with his bag of donut holes and enjoying the sugar off his lip!

how can i get more of those?

then on to the children's museum
stevie was the only one slow enough for me to get pictures!
loved the magnets

balls, of course

big sis showing him around

playing with all the boys in the train area

there was a concert going on, the kids loved it

especially the bubble machine!

the big comfy couch

fun times!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

We love our Saturday donuts!!! Patrick always has the donut holes, but now insists on a "chocolate donut." We should go with Libby and Jake to the museum, looks less hectic than the downtown one! Maybe in a couple weeks! We are free all August w/no school.

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