Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, we missed the Thanksgiving performances in their normal Monday class because Mary Clare was sick. So on Friday they did the performances with a different class, hence they don't know the dances all that well, but look very sweet nonetheless!

Both classes danced to the same Thankful song from Veggie Tales. Halfway through Ellie's dance she sees a friend in the doorway and keeps an eye on her the rest of the dance!

We were waiting for several minutes for a few family members to watch Mary Clare's dance, so she was rather worn out by the time they finally performed. Both girls were excited to wear the special white skirts, and Mary Clare's class got to wear the special flowers in their hair! MC is actually 2nd oldest in this class to the very tall girl on the left. How one of Steven's progeny ended up on the short side, I don't know! Here's the big girl!

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