Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick picture post

Mr. Man with a mohawk and a stick--whatta boy!

Today they performed a Thanksgiving dance for the parents.
My sweet littlest ballerina

Big girl ballerina

Sisters :)

Making Christmas cards for nursing home residents

And some Thankful Cards we've been making
(They say I'm thankful for ___, and we'll write in the inside
why they are thankful for various family members and friends)

Should be a fun weekend with the big lighting festival nearby!
Videos of the ballerinas and pics of the weekend to come!


candyspirit said...

Sticks and ballerina tu tu's can really go together!
Love the photos - Very pretty colorful cards!

Love, Ne Ne

veronica said...

Such beautiful sisters! I love the pic of the two of them together :D

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