Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Helpful hint

If your baby is drooling dark blue or red, chances are he has bitten off the tip of a marker. He's done it 3 times so far. I spend my days fishing crayons and markers out of his mouth.

Oh, but I love this baby boy! I hope he can stay in the Moby wrap for awhile longer. This is us at a fishing trip to the park on Saturday. It was cold and windy, but beautiful!


candyspirit said...

Just too huggable!!
Love, Neeeee

JulieC said...

They truly are so similar!! Though John is not just eating things, he's choking ALL the time. Every day he turns bright red and scares the dickens out of all of us. He hasn't gotten to markers yet. Thanks for the warning. I'll keep a look out for the colored drool. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Ann Marie is biting off the tips of markers ALL the time. It cracks me up. Good thing they make everything non-toxic these days.

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