Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving!

We've had a fun and busy week!
Yesterday we survived the dentist, just me and all 3 kids!
No cavities and cooperative girls...yay!
But some predictions of future dental work as they get older....ughh.

Our portrait experience wasn't quite what I'd hoped.
The picture above was literally one of maybe 5 pictures
with the baby somewhat smiling.
He ripped his inner lip the other night and I think it's really bothering him.
Well, we'll try another photo shoot later.

Today we had a Thanksgiving party with our homeschool friends.
At Wendy's fast food restaurant!
They gave the kids free frosties and it really worked out well.
We made indian headbands at home before we left.

Here they are making handprint turkey placemats.
My camera battery died after this shot.
They got Thanksgiving tatoos, played Thanksgiving bingo,
and read Thanksgiving stories.
Some were dressed as pilgrims, some as indians.
A fun morning!
I even made it to my favorite children's resale store afterwards
for a few cute finds!

We've almost finishing cleaning,
Now we're about to start the shopping and baking
ready for a fun day tomorrow with both sides of the family!

Hope you and yours have a FABULOUS day!
Thanks be to God for this wonderful life :)


Jill said...

OH my gosh! The Christmas photo is beautiful!! Seriously, they all look stunning! Precious trio. My husband and I couldn't muster up the energy to get the kids all looking nice and taking them to a studio where they may or may not speak we did a pajama photo shoot this year. ;)

Shannon said...

looks fun Blair! your children are gorgeous

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