Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Daily Dose of Discipline

I've realized that's most what I need: discipline. Here are some things I've been working on recently...

1. Bedtime. For awhile I'd been staying up finishing housework and relaxing in front of the computer until 1 or 2 am. It's now been one week since I had Spiritual Direction where I was encouraged to go to bed at the same time as Steven, so then I can wake up with him in the morning, not living life at a different time than him. One week and I don't think I've gone to bed after 11pm! I haven't been up with him every morning though...still must work on that.

2. Laundry. My plan for doing a wash load each morning is still going well. My problem is that I still fail to fold it by the end of the day (partially b/c I'm going to bed earlier), so I end up folding a ton twice a week. I should try to fold after lunchtime each day.

3. Tidying. This does not come natural for me. You know, some people have that need to pick up or tidy anything that is out of place. Now I do like a clean house, but again, it goes days without tidying and then the playroom (or living room) are a complete disaster that take much longer to clean up! I need to teach these habits to my girls because they are starting to take after me! Another thing I'm trying to do in this area is clean up right after meals...wipe down the table and do the dishes. Also wiping down the bathrooms every day or every other day. My latest tidying idea which I've heard somewhere is to keep a basket in every room (those extra laundry baskets that aren't used b/c the laundry is done!), so all the stray toys and other items can be put there and returned to their appropriate place in the house.

4. Scheduling. This is still a work in progress. I'm using my Catholic Planner a lot more and trying to keep to-do lists and meal plans up-to-date. With an earlier wake up time it will be easier to schedule things in the morning. I'm trying to make morning mass once a week (didn't happen last week), and trying to say "no" to too many outside activities and events. Meal plans are going better, but still a long way to go.

5. One-on-one time. One of my big goals is to try to spend some one on one time with each child each day. This is still something I'm not doing intentionally, so I need to find a good time for it. If I can encourage a "rest time" each day, that might help in giving me some down-time in the afternoon so I can play better with them afterwards.

6. Home appearance. I've been having fun doing projects around here with items I already have. Last week I finished painting the coffee table and painted several frames and a porcelain swan white. Now I need to find places for the frames! I still have paint for my bathroom, and then we'll be on to the living room painting project!

7. Spiritual life. Most important. It's much easier to have morning prayer time when I get up early with Steven. Then I can also work towards the Angelus at lunchtime, a daily rosary decade, and Evening prayers before bed. I have some spiritual books that I'm reading, and the next few weeks I'll be working on a talk on Mary that I'll be giving at a Reflection in mid-May (pray for me!). And I need to update my "Program of Life", a written plan of goals to work on this year.

Right now I need to work on making breakfast and have missed morning prayer...yikes! Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone! I'll also post some tidbits from my homemaking book soon!

Adding some other things I need to get done in the next week or two:
~sorting baby boy clothes (started this last night), put 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes in the attic
~clean out the girls' closet that is a total mess b/c of the hanging rod falling down.
~prepare for a large meeting here on Thursday (an open Regnum Christi Encounter for anyone interested in learning more) and First Friday class
~replace light bulb in guest bath before Thursday
~reserve cabin for fall camping trip
~finish the kitchen baseboards!!!
~grocery shopping
~some extra work for my parents' business, Candy Spirit
~sew ribbons on MC's ballet shoes for her exam this weekend
~order new homeschool materials


Lindsey said...

Great Blair! You are so ambitious. I admire you greatly! I will read this post again soon for inspiration. I got a ton done yesterday (nesting) but my weakness is that I get a huge surge of desire to do projects, and then I blow myself out in one day, and need recovery for a few days following. Hard to keep up the momentum!

Colleen said...

I really appreciate these posts. I think when it comes to housework, you and I are similar. I really relate to the tidying difficulties and not being able to get the clean laundry put away. And, I just looked over at the kitchen table and realized that breakfast and lunch dishes are still on it! (sigh) I guess we'll just keep working on it together.

Stephanie said...

Keep it up! Discipline... Yikes, that's a word that comes up a lot for me too in spiritual guidance. I think the goal of daily mass once a week is an excellent goal. I've been trying to do that too but it's been more like once a month!

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