Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ballerina girl

Ellie's best birthday gift of all was joining Mary Clare's dance class today! She has watched all year through the window, practicing it all at home. She was the best newly-3-year-old I've ever seen! She knew all the moves and went right along with everything, with a HUGE smile on her face the whole time! She told everyone that she got to dance excited! Mary Clare's only comment, "I was scared she was going to wet her pants!" Everyone was so proud of Ellie!

Ballerina walks, she's last in line

Skipping--she just learned this in the past few days, it's a hard skill for a 3 year-old!

And side-gallops. Mary Clare is galloping across the front of the room and Ellie the back :)

Looks like we've got a future prima ballerina on our hands :)


After ballet we went to a nice nearby restaurant on the waterway with my parents. Then out to ice cream! It was a fun day!

Feeding crackers to the turtles and fish

Birthday girl with NeNe


Megan said...

Oh my goodness! That was SO precious! Now I need a little girl!

candyspirit said...

Love it all!

waht a fun day and such precious memories especially the turtles
and 'Who gets the purplelishious doll'!!!

Love Mom

Shannon said...

she's such a sweet little skipper!!

Colleen said...

Too cute! Happy birthday, Ellie!

Lillian said...

What adorable videos!! What talent and cuteness!!

candyspirit said...

Hi Sissy!
Send me the original Family Easter photo for Nana's poster.
Thanks, Mom

B-Mama said...

Looks like an awesome day for your wonderful little girl! M would be smitten seeing the girls dancing... :) Thanks so much for your prayers!

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