Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm on a decorating binge, so bear with me!

I forgot to put my darling painting partners on here yesterday. Aren't they cute?

Tonights project, another window "mistreatment"!
Cut off these

to make this the right length and so I don't have to see any of this window :) The glass in between the panes (whatever that's called, I can't remember at 1am) has lots of crusty stuff that doesn't come off even with a razor blade, so it's curtains for now! Now you ask, did you seam that with a sewing machine? And I'll answer...

No! I used a glue gun. I think I should name mine like The Nester. I do hope it's "my" glue gun now that I think about it. "Mine" is decked out with the name of a student in hubby's youth group way back when. Oops! Megan, are you reading this? Come get your glue gun! Or is this one yours, Beverly, for First Friday? Oh, I hope not! Well I used this glue gun ("Rosie?") to glue 2 straight lines for the curtain rod to go between, all done while talking to Veronica on the phone at 11pm!

And a project from Sunday, fixing my wall 'o pictures with new shots!

My last project of today...well, yesterday since it's technically tomorrow already :-/
A cheapo frame painted white

So I can add this lovely mini-Monet from our art curriculum

The clock was ticking away

But I still had this to do

Instead, I made myself some of this...then had to go fix a wet child and fold while munching. Now I've had my "me" time on the internet, my nightly relaxation

But now it's time to go join him...
(this is Stevie sleeping sweetly at naptime today)


emily freeman said...

Well done! 1 am? I cannot remember the last time I stayed up that late. I am old.

The Nester said...

Hi Blair, I was logged in as my sister--above--long story. Anyway, yes, that was me that left the comment thankyouverymuch.

So glad to meet you!

Rich said...

my wife is prone to acute attacks of late night decorating. if she sees this, she may go on another binge..........

Mrs. G said...

hey Blair!

You don't have all PINK laundry anymore! haha =)

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