Friday, April 04, 2008

My first window mistreatments

I've been anxious to try some of Nester's window mistreatment ideas. Here goes!

Schoolroom window

Playroom window

A single denim panel I bought awhile back, ripped in two, a la Nester

Cut off the curtain rod loops

Let Mary Clare dress as Mary with Aggie Jesus

Using upholstery tacks, tacked the "valance" to the wall

Made pleats along the way. Cute, huh?

Mary Clare by the window, attempting to change the's still on February!

Looks like the playroom window already had some "mistreatments" ;) That wasn't going anywhere, so I worked around it

And here's the playroom window, not quite perfect, but hey it's a mistreatment after all!

Now how to mistreat the living room window and that horrible door window panel???

Some sheets and a bedskirt?

To be continued...


The Nester said...

Great job! I like that you used white tacks with the denim!

For the living room, love the wall color! If you are sick of it, you could go with just about any color! I would do a floor length long drape style mistreatment on the big window. Make sure it touches the floor and tack it a few inches from the ceiling. It will make the room look bigger!

Also, if you do drapes, you don't want to cover precious light from the window, don't be afraid to hang most of the fabric infront of the wall and just cover the outside trim of the windows!

For the door--if at all possible I would leave it blank and show the glass-light is a a free accessory!

Lillian said...

Looks great! Sorry about the playroom window "mistreatment"!!


I love all your non-sewing ideas! I'm still telling people about your Moby Wrap!!

Jill said...

Now that's a type of window covering I could do! Cute ideas. I'll be interested to see what you come up with in the living area!

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