Thursday, May 01, 2008

Belated pictures

from last weekend

Ellie's birthday with family at the zoo!

Silly cousins

Father son

Cupcake cousins


Birthday bear

MC playing peekaboo with 2 of the triplets

We went to the new Cathedral!

from across the street



Our Lady (These statues are HUGE)

Girls praying before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

Mary Clare and Elizabeth Ann Marie with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!

It was a beautiful mass in a beautiful new cathedral, packed to the hilts honoring the Knights of Peter Claver and their ladies auxiliary (kind of like a Knights of Columbus for those of African descent). Stevie screamed the whole way home, so I switched him to the Britax convertible seat today (have I mentioned how much I love Britax seats???). Still he screamed last night the whole way to Baskin Robbins where we waited in a half hour line to get 31 cent cones! Yum!

Tomorrow is First Friday where we are talking about Mary as we enter the special month of May. In the afternoon we might be going to a nursing home to have a May Crowning (where we sing songs and place a crown on the statue of Mary to honor God's Mother). Mary Clare has a big ballet "exam" Saturday morning and we're being trained to be sponsor couples Saturday night. Should be a fun weekend!

Today would have been the 4th birthday of our sweet friend in Heaven, Mary Clare R. Please pray for her family. I don't think I posted about my other friend whose 5 week old baby boy Luke passed away 2 weeks ago due to complications from his severe heart defect. I just can't imagine the pain and grief that these young mothers and fathers are going through. Please pray for them. Little saints Mary Clare and Luke, pray for us!


kelly said...

Aw, the one of the girls praying before the tabernacle is very sweet! And, wow, those statues *are* huge!

Jill said...

Great bunch of photos. I always forget that your kids have the same joy my kids get to experience- triplet boy cousins!

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