Sunday, May 25, 2008


Judith's hair accessory count. See post below if you're totally confused!


Lindsey said...


I moved my steak knives to a more proper drawer today, in case any little mischevious children decide to go hunting for colored pompoms. But I need to move those out of the kitchen drawer anyway, into a craft bin.

veronica said...

oh, Blair...that is too funny..I seriously have only 1 ponytail is purple and has been streched to the max(I have to wrap it around my ponytail like 5 times!) Anyway, it is a precious commodity around here and every time exercise time rolls around, I get a little frantic if I can't find it in my bathroom!! Maybe I could borrow a couple of your little pony tail holders???..what do ya think the girls would mind?? :)

Jill said...

I love judith! We have quite the junk drawer around here, too. I'll have to think of a name. How funny. Writing utensils and ponytail holders rule our drawer as well. Makes for a great math lesson!

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