Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things to Consider

I considered not dignifying the ultimatum with a response however I felt that the silence would be unfair to the blog reader. I do not intend to write often enough to justify sharing naming rights though, so I am resigned to the fact of a name change.

On the topic of naming rights Blair maybe you should consider sponsorship like local stadiums, such as Blair’s Blog brought to you by Coca-Cola, or maybe Citi Bank’s Blog of Blair. Last I heard stadiums are pulling in 8 figure deals for such rights, maybe you should look into it.

As far as my life goes, with Genetics, Food Bacteriology, Nutrition, and Philosophy on my plate it will be difficult to take the time to write down my thoughts for thus said blog how ever I do share many of my random thoughts with you sweetie (Blair) so feel free to write about them if you feel so inclined.

I will however share one random thought I was having recently that was really bothering me. That is when people advertise plots of land and put the acreage to the thousandths of an acre, such as 11.931 acres for sale. Do you have any idea how little 1/1000 of an acre is? It is 39.94 square inches, slightly more than half a foot squared. I can see the conversation in the car.

Wife: Look honey isn’t that a beautiful lot and it is only $50,000, can we get it.

Husband: 50k is too much for 11.93 acres in this area.

Wife: It is not 11.93 acres it is 11.931 acres.

Husband: Oh, why didn’t you say that in the first place, that’s a great deal.

Signing off,


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Anonymous said...

HE SPEAKS!!! :) As I can understand the issues of scheduling and life in general - any spare time you have to enlighten us will be greatly appreciated! Happy B-day Steven! Hope you had a great one :)

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