Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Cups of Tea

Here are my sweet girls, one from before the first ballet class of the year and the other this afternoon when they'd invaded the tupperware cabinet. They were so cute giggling and putting the bowls on each other's heads!

Tomorrow morning I'm leading our mom's group on some chapters from Danielle Bean's book My Cup of Tea. In it she describes the daily antics of her 6(now 8) children and finding joy in it all. I think it will make a good topic of discussion for our first meeting of the year. We'll discuss the ways that we may lack our personal time for a "cup of tea", but we can be filled with joy through the simple actions, words, or gifts of our children which become our "cups of tea" overflowing!

Today was a really rough morning. Once again I attempted the Mommy Dance at Mass alone...bad idea. Even alone in the confined cryroom we had some of the worst behavior ever seen in Mass. I'll spare you all the details. But this afternoon over the span of a few minutes the girls both showed little "teacups" of generosity that made me smile. Mary Clare awoke from her nap whining for a drink. Slowly I went to get it as she wandered out of her room. Then I noticed Ellie with a huge grin on her face grabbing her own sippy cup off the floor and trying to hand it to her sister! So sweet. Then a few minutes later the girls were whining (Ellie's whining probably due to the ~5 teeth she's currently cutting), so I gave them each a popsicle. Ellie's was smaller so she finished it first and was smiling watching Mary Clare finish hers. Then Mary Clare handed hers to Ellie so she could have a bite. I was really touched!

Well, the week begins full-force tomorrow...walking groups, ballet class, mom's group, Steven's tests...better rest up! It's so hard not to bask in the quiet noises of the house and raindrops outside the window right now while enjoying my internet entertainment as I peruse blogs and listen to EWTN mass in the background. It's so hard to say goodnight!


Lillian said...

I've missed your blogging. I TOTALLY remember those days in mass. If its any consolation I had those bad days even with Craig by my side. I remember being in tears and having to go to the student center to regroup before returning to mass. This is a hard age but all your hard work will pay off!! As they learn how to be quiet and sit still they will actually teach your next children by being good examples. This is the hardest part ... with your first two.

So glad to hear about your sweet moments later in the day!!

Anonymous said...

It's encouraging to read of similar trials during Mass. On those days when Benjamin (2 yrs) is especially difficult, I am more thankful (and proud of!) the mornings when his behavior is to be commended! And when people even notice and comment (!), it reminds us that *something* is working and it's all a learning process. And now Elliott is starting to crawl... oh my.

Melissa said...

You're girls are just so precious... it's the sweet moments you described that make it all just sooo worthwhile!

I love the idea for your mom's group. Danielle Bean is so amazing, I loved her book and really enjoy her blog. Hope your meeting went well!

I'm off now to go cherish my own "cups of tea"...

Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute! It looks like Ellie is thinking "Hmmmm...wonder where I can get myself a pair of those slippers?" :)

Blair said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I do so love my little teacups, but I do so get worn out some days. I'm so thankful to all of you for sharing your stories and insights. They give me encouragement and ideas and make me a better mommy!

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