Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mutton Bustin' by Thomas

While the girls were competing in the Food Challenge Finals, Thomas chose to compete in the "Mutton Bustin'" (sheep riding) contest for the second time. He tried it last year, and this year he barely made the weight limit, but with the removal of his boots and belt, he just made it in! 

He won first place, staying on the sheep for the longest, compared to the 20 or so other kids. He won the belt buckle he's holding in the photo. Steven had a funny idea for filling out Thomas' information form for the contest. So before he started, they called out his name, city, and said his favorite food is Shepherd's Pie and he wants to be a Sheep Sheerer when he grows up! Too funny. 

Mommy was pretty disappointed to miss watching it because I was with the girls, and wouldn't you know, Daddy got a phone call on his cell phone just as Thomas started off on the sheep! So the video he took didn't record. Too bad. I trust it was a good ride, and we are proud of our brave Thomas for doing a great job on that sheep!

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