Thursday, June 02, 2016

Mother's Day Dance

Our homeschool clubs put together a Mother/Son and Daddy/Daughter Dance each year. This was my first time to attend. We decided that it would be a special Steven and Mommy night, and after the very full evening, I knew it would have been too much for my introverted Thomas. Maybe next year. Steven and I had a wonderful time though! And the big girls were wonderful helpers, leading the games and taking pictures. Here are some photos of the evening, a lot taken by Mary Clare...

With some of his buddies and a little sister

The pretty dessert table

All the moms got a corsage and went home with a Mary statue!

The boys wrote messages for their moms

They had to make us a dress of toilet paper!

And they went a bit wild after we tore up our dresses!

Steven and I won the pipe cleaner flower contest.

There was musical chairs.

And some dancing

A great night with my big boy!

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