Saturday, February 20, 2016

On Her Birthday

On Katie's birthday we had a full morning hosting a 4-H meeting, working on flower arranging, and then having some time for the Food Challenge kids to work on their aprons. We decided to head to the park after lunch to have some cupcakes and blow bubbles with the friends who were still there. Of course I took way too many pictures, but how could I not?!?

Katie with her flowers made by MC and her friend A, cupcakes made and decorated by the girls, and her special birthday balloons!

Singing Happy Birthday

Present from her family

Ballet shoes and a leotard with tutu!

She wants to put them on right now!


NeNe and PaPa arrive with a fun present!

A puppy dog!

Back home to try on her ballet outfit!

She's not sure about the ballet shoes, so she takes them off and dances barefoot.

But she loves the tutu!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Ballerina Baby!

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