Friday, February 19, 2016

Katherine Maria Grace is two!

Our precious baby girl turns TWO today! Every year flies by with every child, and I just wish I could stop time and truly breathe in these fleeting days...I can only try to capture them with my camera. I just kept snapping this week, so here are a bunch of photos of our little cutie-pie!

Katie Grace is always in the center of what we do around here. Everyone loves to see her in the morning and try to make her happy throughout the day. She loves playdough and bubbles. She loves pancakes and waffles, chips, chicken and fries, and loves to DIP them. She loves ice cream "ah-goo." She loves dolls and purses. She loves playing outside with the big kids and is now especially enamored with venturing into the woods behind the house. She loves a bath or shower and of course to watch a "show." Her favorites are Signing Time, Barney, Curious George, and Curious Buddies.

She loves watching her big sisters dance and yells "I GO" whenever we approach a place where she sometimes has to stay in the car. I've been taking her in to watch the girls at ballet sometimes, and she just loves watching them through the window. She loves books, and "Where's Spot" is probably her favorite. She loves singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus songs right now. She loves going on bike rides with Mommy, and swinging at the park. She still loves her "nigh nigh" (nursing), although I'm not sure just how much longer we'll continue.

She's very sweet and generous with other little friends, but she also gets her feelings hurt easily.  She loves to follow the preschoolers around, especially "Ah-me" (Amelie). We've been talking about her birthday all week, so I think she's got some sense of knowing that we will sing to her and she'll have cupcakes. Today we went to the dance store and bought her a leotard with tutu and her own glitter ballet shoes. I can't wait to see her wear them and share a fun day with our sweet baby!


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Shannon said...

She is stunningly beautiful, Blair! Happy birthday to your sweetie and happy birth day to you!

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