Sunday, December 13, 2015

New House Fun

One of my favorite parts of moving into a new home is reorganizing and decorating! This is our 9th place to live since we've been married (one house we've lived in twice), so we've done this a lot! Each time we have a few more things and often another kid or two, and each time we've been able to purchase a few new-to-us items of furniture for the new house!

On the weekend we moved in, we purchased a sofa set, a living room chair, and a master bedroom set  from our local classified website. Soon after, we found a used Pottery Barn buffet on Craigslist. But our search for a round breakfast table was coming up short. Finally I found a lady on Craigslist whose husband builds custom tables for a reasonable price and makes them in less than a week!

To prepare for the arrival of our new table, we bought chairs and barstools from IKEA. Steven hates this store with "the fire of a thousand suns," but we survived this outing with only a few major disagreements and a promise to never make him return to IKEA! Then a few days later we had some very generous friends offer their help in assembling the chairs in exchange for a nice dinner. They brought along our goddaughter and her siblings too!

The hard work paid off and the kitchen was ready for the new table to arrive the next day!

But first we'd be having a 4-H cooking day! We purchased and cooked two meals, a stir-fry and lettuce wraps, along with a whole lot of smoothies that we froze in disposable plastic cups. We made all of this for our friend's family as she was in and out of the hospital.

Finally the table arrived! We weren't sure on the color of the stain (we wanted it to match the cabinets), and the people who made it offered to make a new one, but in the end we decided it looks just fine. It's working great for our family's needs and I'm glad I didn't settle for a table that wasn't going to fit the space. We'll also be able to add another chair or two if need be.

As Thanksgiving approached, we also asked them to make a matching coffee table. We really love it!

But what we love even more than this new house and these new furniture pieces are the way that we're able to share them with our family and friends. We've had get togethers almost every week, and we even hosted a big family Thanksgiving for the very first time (photos coming soon) and a big group baby shower this weekend!  I can't wait to share our home decorated for Christmas too. That has brought a lot of happiness to my heart as it's still so tender from the loss of my friend. One of the last things she said to me was that she didn't get to see my house...

I just feel so blessed to be living in this beautiful home with these beautiful things around me, but I'm mostly grateful for the beautiful PEOPLE surrounding me now, and the people like Beverly who've surrounded me my entire life with joy and love and peace. I'm a lucky girl.

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