Monday, December 14, 2015

Halloween and All Saints' Day 2015

Halloween and All Saints' Day have proven to be a difficult time for our little group of homeschool families. Six years ago we lost our dear friend Kelly on Halloween, after a long battle with breast cancer. This year, Beverly was home on hospice care and I'd just seen her for the last time on the 30th. But her kids (and even her husband for a few minutes) still joined us for our annual Halloween party with chili and trick-or-treating.

Thomas was upset about not being able to find the plastic pumpkin bucket to hold his candy.

The girls all dressed in poodle skirts, after shopping together and sewing together in the days before. 

50s girls with Mike the Knight and Aragorn

We also prayed an All Saints Litany before eating. I thought it was interesting how our group was praying while some Halloween movie was playing in the yard of the neighbors across the street.

Some of the crew didn't make the first photo, so here they were after the candy-trading!

The All Saints Party had to be postponed several weeks due to rain. We ended up missing the big parade since we were running late, but I got a few photos of the kids.

Santa Lucia!

St. Philomena

St. Francis and St. Joseph

St. Martha's Cookie Decorating!

Dads hanging out

Saint Dymphna

The stone rosary station


Thomas' favorite booth...CHESS!

Ellie with her friend C as St. Kateri


This was some kind of game where they had to shake ping pong balls (7 deadly sins) out of a box on their back.

The big kids

Everyone ready to pray and eat!

Lovely moments out at the farm.

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