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I'm not sure I can top the very pretty pictures from the All Saints celebration in the country, but here are a few photos from the past few weeks...

This week was the first Nature Club we were able to attend.  The classes are free and are held at a newish nearby nature center.
 We went down to the pond area where we had the great privilege of searching through pond water to find and identify the different critters that might be living there.  They had started with a classroom lesson about invertebrates.

Well, it's not perfect, but I'm happy we got a decent family photo a few weeks ago at Steven's sister's house.  I'm hoping to gear up for a family shot for our Christmas cards soon.  This was a good trial run.  My plan includes: bribery, good weather, and coordinating clothes for Mass (not intentional on this day, but once I noticed it, I made the one clashing child change clothes!).

I'm not sure where this photo came from of this happy little cherub, but I like it.  Today a friend told me she looks like the children in the books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin,  which made me smile because she is one of my favorite illustrators of children's literature.  I love all those Little Golden Books!  And I love this sweet little angel with all my heart!

Here are all the kids working together to make some chocolate chip cookies.

They may have eaten more cookie dough than was baked,

but I think they had fun!

A real moment with four of our crazy kiddos!

Thanks for visiting!  I finally took some photos of our house today, now that we are almost fully unpacked, so I'm hoping to do a little house tour soon!

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Elise said...

Great pictures, Blair! What a sweet photo of your family. :)

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